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Grilled Swordfish, Chorizo Chayote and Chickpea Sauté, and Salsa Verde

  • “My Finale Dish revamped! I took my grilled swordfish recipe from my award winning finale and seasoned it more and then served it with the vibrant Salsa Verde and Chickpea Chorizo and Chayote Sauté that won me the big prize. You too will be winning with this flavor packed dish.” - Chef Claudia

    Swordfish is the Steak of the sea! Seasoned with Latin Spices like Achiote, Cilantro, and Garlic, this vibrant Swordfish is not just a pop of color but a pop of flaky flavor. The blistered tomatoes are tossed with a bit of oil blistered caramelized and near falling apart. They make the most amazing sweet-savory bite to contrast all of the powerful flavors in this dish. Chorizo Chayote and Chickpea Saute are three incredible ingredients merge to make the most amazing sauté and faux pasta that will have you feeling better about eating fewer carbs.