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10 Meals by Daina Falk for two

This Combo is composed of 2 meals of Daina Delicious Meals specially created for Home Bistro 


2x Jambalaya with Roast Broccoli with Garlic Chips

"Jambalaya is an incredibly flavorful dish that boasts awesome texture, which lends for a very satisfying mouthfeel with each bite. To make this meal complete, it comes with delicious, garlicky roasted broccoli, which complements both the Andouille and Cajun flavors."- Daina Falk 

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2x Maple Bourbon Peanut Ribs with Kale quinoa salad

"Low and slow is my favorite way to cook ribs, especially baby backs. And when it comes to flavoring them, you can’t beat the salty sweetness you get in this mouthwatering combination of maple, peanut, and oaky caramel-vanilla bourbon. The ribs are perfectly accented by nutty quinoa mixed with light and bright beans and veggies."- Daina Falk

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2x Mac & Cheese with BBQ Pulled Pork with Stewed Kale

"This dish brings the flavors of your favorite barbecue joint home. You’ve got creamy macaroni & cheese embellished with savory and sweet barbecue pulled pork for the win. And to round out this perfectly rich entrée are some quintessential smoked greens. The smoky acidity of the kale offers the perfect complement."-Daina Falk

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2x Short Rib “Poutots” with Sweet & Sour Brussels Sprouts

"This is my take on poutine, a dish popular in Canada and some northern states. I’ve replaced the fries with crispy tater tots and topped them with braised short ribs and traditional cheese curds. The dish is finished off with a rich red wine and balsamic vinegar gravy and paired with umami-laden sweet & sour Brussels sprouts."-Daina Falk

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2x BBQ Chicken Lasagna with Lemon and Garlic Snap Peas

"I like to think of this dish as a late-night college recipe that grew up into a pretty stellar barbecue dish. It’s lasagna but not as you know it. Rather, it’s layers of creamy cheese, sweet barbecue chicken, collards, and onions, all topped with more barbecue sauce and cheese. And it’s paired with garlicky lemon snap peas for a light, acidic crunch."-Daina Falk

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