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Peri-Peri Steak with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Tunisian Cauliflower Gratin

A Premium Beef Hanger Steak also is known as a bistro steak is a cut of beef steak prized for its flavor. Ours is 6 oz, seared to perfection, and served with a simple, vibrant peri-peri sauce made with roasted vegetables, garlic, and lemon touch. Accompanied by roasted Brussels sprouts and a Tuscan cauliflower gratin.

Hanger Steak –A delicious lean cut of meat that is similar to a tenderloin. Full of flavor, we simply seasoned it with Salt and Pepper and grilled it to perfection with a drizzle of olive oil. Sometimes called the “butcher’s cut” because this secret cut of meat was the cut that butchers would keep for their families.

Peri Sauce – Oven-roasted Red and Green Bell Peppers, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Parsley, Seasoning – all-natural and delicious. 

Roasted Brussels Sprouts – Our Brussels Sprouts are oven-roasted with a drizzle of olive oil, seasoned with a pinch of sea salt, and preserved with lemon. Simple, delicious, and all-natural. 

Tunisian Cauliflower Gratin with a Chermoula Sauce –Our Cauliflower is oven cooked and then topped with a Chermoula Sauce, a delightful blend of parsley, cilantro garlic, and lemon juice with a little olive oil. 

One order provides approximately 1 serving, 14 oz.


Hanger Steak- Beef, Olive Oil, Salt, Black Pepper.

Peri-Peri Sauce- Roasted Red Bell Peppers (Red Bell Peppers, Olive Oil), Water, Green Bell Peppers, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Parsley, Seasoning, Salt).

Brussels Sprouts- Brussel Sprouts, Lemon Preserves (Water, Lemon, White Sugar), Olive Oil, Sea Salt.

Cauliflower Gratin- Cauliflower, Chermoula Sauce (Olive Oil, Water, Parsley, Cilantro, Garlic, Lemon Juice, Seasoning, Sea Salt).

Heating Instructions From Frozen

Stovetop:submerge bags in boiling water.
Sauces 3 - 4 min, Sides 5 - 6 min and Proteins 7 - 8 min.

Microwave:puncture bags and microwave them.
Sauces 1 - 2 min, Sides 3 - 4 min, Proteins 5 - 7 min.
Time may vary depending on the microwave. Recommend that times are done in increments until the desired temperature is achieved.

Caution:Contents will be very hot.



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