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Our Story

Hi, my name is Zalmi Duchman and I recently joined Home Bistro as its new CEO. Prior to coming on board, I was an angel investor, entrepreneur and food-tech pioneer as the founder of “The Fresh Diet”. The Fresh Diet began operations on January 1, 2006 with three clients and while I "shopped and dropped," my wife "cooked and packed." By 2013, Fresh Diet had earned prestigious awards and grown to become the largest U.S. food producer in the freshly-prepared, daily delivery category. In 2014, Fresh Diet was acquired by a publicly traded company.

Here at Home Bistro, I’m looking forward to recreating my prior success! That means, with every order we will always start and end with quality. Quality of food. Quality of service. My promise to you, is Home Bistro will constantly seek new ways to improve and innovate while always maintaining the highest standards. We’ve recently relaunched our offering to include natural ingredients in a wider variety of convenient, healthy dietary choices, delicious cuisine and popular meal combos - for those of us on the go. Be it Paleo, Mediterranean, Vegetarian and even Diabetic-friendly, we have amazing chef-created frozen meals that everyone can enjoy… and we’ll soon be adding even more convenient and delicious selections for you to choose from.

Thanks for the opportunity to be of service to you and should have any questions or concerns, please email us support@homebistro.com.

PS: I read every customer email!