Body Shred 2

Use in conjunction with Body Shred 1 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday; hit it for lunch and dinner. Eat right the rest of the week and you’ll be shredded in no time.


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Saucy Chicken Tagine with Couscous SUPERBowl

Enhance your lunchtime with flavors from the east, brought to you by our vibrant chicken tagine SuperBowl.

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Lentil Herbed Baguette SUPERBowl

Our  lentil soup SUPERBowl is hearty, healthy, and full of homemade comfort. This savory Mediterranean-inspired soup has a thick, creamy consistency, making it a fully satisfying meal on its own.

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Spicy White Bean Turkey Chili SUPERBowl

Treat yourself to a warm, wholesome lunch with the help of our white turkey chili SuperBowl.

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Peri Peri Shrimp with Vegetables

There are two chief reasons we really love shrimp. First, it’s delicate texture. Second, shrimp can take on so many different flavors. This dish served with a simple, vibrant peri peri sauce made with roasted vegetables, garlic and a touch of lemon. Accompanied by Honey Roasted Carrots sprouts and a Tuscan cauliflower gratin

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Mediterranean Chicken with Artichoke Sauce

A premium Colorado Native Foods fire grilled chicken breast served with an Artichoke-Lemon Sauce. Accompanied Za'atar Oven Fries and Moroccan Ratatoullie.

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Chianti Braised Short Ribs & Ratatouille

A premium Aspen Ridge Natural Beef short rib brazed in Chianti is accompanied by orzo with a Pecorino Romano cream sauce with shaved broccoli and mushrooms and a Moroccan ratatouille.

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