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Carne Asada Tradicional with Chorizo Refried Beans, Charred Green Onions and Pico Salsa

  • “Welcome to the Carne Asada! With this dish you have just walked into my family’s weekend BBQ, where Carne Asada is always the star. This is my version, served with Charred Grilled Onions and Chorizo Refried Beans and Pico Salsa, which will have you throwing your own Mexican Carne Asada without lighting a grill” – Chef Claudia

    This Citrus marinated skirt steak is marinated until tender and juicy, then charred to perfection for that traditional Carne Asada smoky flavor. The perfectly charred Onions are a necessary part of the traditional Carne Asada, charred on the outside but warm and sweet on the inside, they are quintessentially perfection in simplicity.The traditional Pico Salsa accompanies this dish with locally sourced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and jalapeño, this salsa is the perfect topping to your Carne Asada meal. ThePinto Beans are refried with Mexican Chorizo low and slow until glossy and traditionally refried. These beans are hearty and exploding with flavor.