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7 SUPER Lunch Bowls

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Chicken Sausage and Vegetable Stir Fry SUPERBowl 

Brighten your day with a lunch that is as colorful as it is nutritious: our chicken sausage stir fry SuperBowl.


Lentil Herbed Baguette SUPERBowl 

Our  lentil soup SUPERBowl is hearty, healthy, and full of homemade comfort. This savory Mediterranean-inspired soup has a thick, creamy consistency, making it a fully satisfying meal on its own.



Mushroom Bolognese Pappardelle SUPERBowl 

Liven up your lunchtime the Mediterranean way with our SuperBowl of mushroom bolognese.


Saucy Chicken Tagine with Couscous SUPERBowl

Enhance your lunchtime with flavors from the east, brought to you by our vibrant chicken tagine SuperBowl.


Vegetable Chili SUPERBowl with Cornbread 

Bring southern warmth and comfort to your lunch hour with our robust SuperBowl of vegetable chili.


Orzo with Pecorino Romano SUPERBowl

Make lunch swift and satisfying with our healthy gourmet SuperBowl of orzo pasta.


Golden Curry Shrimp SUPERBowl

Turn your lunchtime into an exotic getaway with the help of our shrimp curry Super Bowl.